Lifelong learner. I have been paid to make video games and research crowd brainstorming models.

Professional Games

The Order: 1886

Ready at Dawn Studios

Scripter. Implemented and fixed situational logic for encounters, cinematics, and minigames in a custom scripting language and Lua. Triaged and fixed bugs in AI, inventory systems, and memory management in C++.


Sisyphorest: Maintenance Goal Support By Responding to Trends

William Saunders, Filip Krynicki, Valerie Sugarman

Master's thesis: Methods and models for the quantitative analysis of crowd brainstorming

Filip Krynicki

  • Master's thesis
  • PDF
course project: The Frequency PICL Totally Gets Your Buzz

Filip Krynicki, Michael Terry

course project: 2D Sliders: Touch Selection Finally Takes Off

Filip Krynicki

AdaptableGIMP: Designing a Socially-Adaptable Interface

Ben Lafreniere, Andrea Bunt, Matthew Lount, Filip Krynicki, Michael Terry

media: AdaptableGIMP: User Interfaces for Users

ginger coons

  • LGM article 2011
  • PDF


Things I Loved in 2017

Just some short recommendations of things I loved in 2017. Mostly written for my own reminiscence down the line.


48 hour jam with Ice Fortress Productions. Platformer roguelike in ancient Greece. Built in Unity, I worked on world, gameplay and AI programming as well as design. Video forthcoming.


Python library to quickly create mechanical turk workflows.


Python script to back up clean text and full html versions of Instapaper bookmarks.


Writing and web-design practice summarizing the best game experiences I had in 2012. Learned a great deal of HTML/CSS/JS/jQuery.


Game jam project with Ice Fortress Productions. Multiplayer 2D platormer/racing game. Well, actually, more of an engine tech demo. Built in XNA, I worked on gameplay and collision detection.


48-hour game jam project with Ice Fortress Productions. Four player multiplayer brawler in a Western/Fantasy setting. Looks dangerous! Built in XNA, I was sole gameplay programmer and did some art.


Game created over 20 days as final project for fourth year graphics course. Won first prize. 3D platformer with swinging mechanic. C++ with SDL.

Adaptable GIMP

A socially-adaptable image editing platform. Users share and collaborate on task-specific interface customizations.